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Let Your Voice Be Heard

As equestrians, we need to speak with one unified voice when working with the trail planners and managers. We need YOUR VOICE to make ours stronger.

WCTR has representation at the planning level for the many new trails on the drawing board in Will County, with the Forest Preserve District and with Site Managers. We are represented at the Forest Preserve Operations Committee meetings, the Midewin Alliance meetings, and have a strong relationship with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

This is an exciting time in Will County. Many new trails are being planned. In many other counties, we are seeing areas to ride become limited and inaccessible by development and other population growth factors. It is important for us to join together to preserve our common interest in trails in a constructive and effective way.
Educational seminars and a variety of interesting programs are available to you with your membership. Discounts from supporting retailers can make your membership effectively free. Check our sponsorship discounts below to see how you can save money!


Having Fun is Part of the Ride

Although trail advocacy is WCTR’s main purpose, we also enjoy trail rides, participate in parades, have fun days with our horses, host club tack sales, have informative presentations at our meetings, and of course a Christmas Party. A monthly newsletter is mailed to members. Here you will find trail news, upcoming events, and articles regarding legal issues and horses.

No single breed of equine or style of riding is promoted by the WCTR. As the “equine voice” of Will County, we are proud that our membership is diverse as to the choice of mount or riding style. In fact, you don’t even need to own a horse or be a rider to become a member. Residency in Will County is NOT required.

Outstanding progress has been made by the WCTR toward increasing community awareness of the need for multi-use trails that are accessible to equestrians. Exciting opportunities and much more work lie ahead.

Please join us to help ensure that trails will be available to us and our children in the future.